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Online Payments Overview

About us

Since our founding in 2012, our aim is to make the world an explorable place for Latin Americans, and Latin America a possible region for international companies to enter. By offering local payment methods in 29 different countries across LatAm we are conquering these objectives day after day and already helped over 1000 merchants expand their business into the region and over 50 million Latin Americans to access global services and products.

Go Global. Think Local.

Both our DNA and location in LatAm afford us a geographic advantage when it comes to keeping up with the newest trends, preferences, and technologies in the region. Although we understand the importance of local knowledge, as a global business we also embrace and operate in a multicultural world and strive to understand and serve every possible merchant who wants to sell to Latin America.

What we offer

EBANX offers a fully localized payments solution that connects you with more than 100 local payment methods in 29 different countries around Latin America.

Our robust platform works in an unstoppable pace to guarantee the maximum availability to your business and a high-level of approved transactions.

  • Direct Connection: DIRECT connection with more than 50 banks & processors.

  • High availability: 99.997% of availability to your business.

  • Acquirer redundancy: Our proprietary algorithm switches transactions dynamically to ensure the highest success rates.

  • Unified Transactions: Unified reconciliation for all countries. Unified transfer of funds for all currencies.

Flexible and convenient integrations

It is essential that payment solutions are properly integrated with your website. With this in mind, EBANX provides different types of integration, that is into all business models, from individuals and SMBs to large enterprises.

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