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EBANX Dashboard

EBANX Dashboard

About this guide

This guide provides you an overview of the EBANX Dashboard and its main features. Control your Latin American operations in a transparent, simple and practical way. With the EBANX Dashboard, you are able to track all your transactions, generate reports, analyze data in graphic formats and much more.

What you will need

If you don't have access to the Dashboard request a call with a Business Development Executive to know our product better; otherwise, if you already have an account but do not remember your password, please click here to reset your password.

Overview Screen

The Home screen of your Dashboard, the overview section shows all data processed either combined by all Countries (if you process more than one) or by Country.

Here you will be able to:

  • See your current:
  1. Ready for Settlement: The net amount available to be transferred to your account via settlement.
  2. Total Lifetime Payments and Customers: Number of total payment transactions and total number of customers your Business had while processing with EBANX.
  • Check your Total Processed Volume on a graphic format:
  1. Edit the time period you would like to see by clicking on the right corner date filter, the main set period is the last 30 days.

  2. See Processed Volume, Payments and Unique Customers according to the date filter you have set.

EBANX Dashboard Overview

  • The third section shows the Volume share of your total processed amount:
  1. The share will be shown according by Country and by Payment method inside every Country.

  2. If you want to start to process in other countries, click on the talk to us button and schedule a call with your Business Development Manager.

EBANX Dashboard Countries

Transactions Screen

Check your Payments, Refunds and Chargebacks transactions in this menu. Read the specific menus to understand their functionalities:

Payments and Refunds

  1. See all your payments and refund transactions either listed or in graphic format by clicking the top left buttons.

  2. Click on each listed item to see full details.

  3. Search specific payments or Refunds, Order Number, Customer email or Payment Hash.

  4. At the Payment sub-menu you can filter by Country, Payment Method or Status.

  5. Filter a specific time period.

  6. Export the lists in CSV or XLSX format.


Chargeback Disputes

  1. See all chargebacks transactions.
  2. Dispute the chargebacks with the reason code "Commercial disagreement".
  3. Keep up with the chargeback dispute status.
  4. Filter and look into the tooltips to understand more about the information shown on the screen.


Settlement Screen

Access all your Settlement Preview, Details, History and request your Settlement this menu. Divided into two sub-menus with the following:

Request Settlement

Settlement Preview

See all the amounts available and pending for settlement. Click on View Details to simulate a settlement and see the regarding Total Collected, Refunds, Chargebacks, Reversed Chargebacks and fees.


Settlement Details

Click in Request Settlement to request one for all countries or a specific one.



  1. Check all your Settlements in both list or graphic format.
  2. Filter each Settlement by Settlement Code, time period or status.
  3. Click on each Settlement and you can see full details of the settlement such as the amount processed and the fees applied to your Settlement.
  4. You can also export a report about your settlement.



Logs Screen

This menu will show all communication records of your transactions when it comes to our system and yours.

Direct API

Here you will see all the records coming to our API from your platform. Merchants who use our external Checkout won’t see any content in this area. You can find a specific log by searching with the payment number and filtering.



Here you will see all the records coming from EBANX to your platform notifying changes on your transactions. If you have not configured your notification URL, you won’t be able to see any notification on this section. To configure your URL, go to Account Settings by clicking on the name of your user on the top right of the page, than go to Integration and Service URLs.



Now you can find your Settings under your User Name on the top right corner of your screen. Account Settings, Help & Support and Sign Out are now under your username. In Account Settings you will find:

  1. General configuration: Change and update at any time your company Name, logo and login information.

  2. User configuration: Give permission to the different user inside your company, there are 4 different categories of users. Click on each category to understand how they work.

  3. Integration: Here you will find your test and integration Keys, such as your test and live Service URLs.

  4. Preferences: Set your timezone and your default merchant in case of more than one.


Getting help

We hope this article was enlightening, but in case we’ve failed to take out your doubts you have the following options to keep on seeking for answers:

  • If you’re not our partner yet and would like to know more about our prices and conditions please fill ou this form and our comercial team will get in touch with you.
  • In case you’re already our partner please get in touch with our support team at
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