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Get Started with Payouts

What You Will Need

A Sandbox Account

As with any secure payment integration, you will first need to set up authorization. The EBANX sandbox allows you to set up a test environment to run transactions using test credit card numbers and explore our payment solutions.

If you haven't already, sign up for a Sandbox Account at our EBANX Business Page, select your business model and answer a few questions. We'll get in touch with you shortly after! Once you you're setup, you'll have access to your Dashboard and your test integration keys!

Sign up for an EBANX Sandbox Account here


To start processing Payouts, you need to:

  • Already be processing payments through EBANX's Crossborder platform
  • Be abroad and sending payouts to Brazil, Chile, Colombia or Mexico. Payout is always a crossborder operation
  • Provide documents in accordance with your agreement with EBANX
  • Go through a new compliance assessment

Additionally, there are a few items that you must be aware, before you start processing payouts:

  • Payout can’t be used to pay taxes and labor costs (salary).
  • EBANX restricts or does not work with certain products and services. You can find the full list here.
  • Each payee (CPF or CNPJ) can receive no more than 10.000 USD/month in total for payouts.

Getting Started

The Payout contracting is a simple process that goes through our Compliance and Legal Teams and follows these steps:

Onboarding Flow

Merchants already operating with EBANX

  1. Merchant decides to contract EBANX payout solution
  2. Merchant will need a new compliance onboarding. In that case, compliance team can request more information and documents as needed.
  3. After compliance approval, legal team will adjust the contract to the merchant

New Merchants

  1. Merchant decides to contract EBANX's Payout solutions
  2. Merchant will go through a compliance onboarding
  3. After compliance approval, legal team will prepare the contract to the merchant

Additional Resources

We have a full API Refence document, describing in details each parameter and responses. You can find the Payout API Reference here.

Also, you can test your API calls using our Postman Collection. You can find our Payout Postman Colletion here.

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