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Payout Error Codes

About this page

This page contains the codes of errors that may occur when you create a payout.

How it works

When an API call fails, EBANX will return a JSON object containing the error details as the example below:

"message":"Empty amount",

Observe the following table and verify the codes and error messages that EBANX uses.

HP-AR-01The field custom_exchange_rate cannot be sent on the request.Argentina
HP-BI-01Could not decrypt API request field: Unable to decrypt ciphertext
HP-BR-01Merchant is not allowed to use PIXBrazil
HP-BR-02Empty PIX keyBrazil
HP-BR-03Invalid PIX keyBrazil
HP-BR-05Empty Mercadopago account
HP-BR-06The Mercadopago account must be an email
HP-BR-07Pix key normalizer not defined for type {target_account_type}Brazil
HP-BR-08Invalid bank_ispb numberBrazil
HP-CF-01Tax-id blocked
HP-CM-01Empty external reference
HP-CM-02The external reference must be between 6 and 40 characters long
HP-CM-03You already have a payout with this external_reference
HP-CM-04Empty country
HP-CM-05Country not found
HP-CM-06This country is not enabled
HP-CM-07This country is not enabled for your account
HP-CM-08Empty currency code
HP-CM-09Empty amount
HP-CM-10Invalid amount
HP-CM-11Amount must be greater than zero
HP-CM-12Invalid use_payee_hub value
HP-CM-13Empty bank name
HP-CM-14Invalid bank name
HP-CM-15Empty account type
HP-CM-16Invalid account type
HP-CM-18Empty bank account
HP-CM-19Empty bank branch
HP-CM-20Empty bank details
HP-CM-21Invalid bank detail [Operation code]
HP-CM-23Invalid bank account
HP-CM-24Payout is not available for savings account of bank '{$bank_name}'
HP-CM-25Bank account [CCI] should be 20 digits longPeru
HP-CM-26Bank account should be 11 digits longMexico
HP-CM-27Bank details [clabe] should be 18 digits longMexico
HP-CM-27Bank details [cbu] should be 22 digits longArgentina
HP-CM-28Unauthorized payee due to compliance issues
HP-CM-29Payee invalid or not found
HP-CM-30The payout amount exceeds your total balance [Balance: {balance}]
HP-CM-31The payout amount exceeds the monthly limit for this Payee document
HP-CM-32It was not possible to change the balance. Balance available: {balace_available}
HP-CM-33Merchant is not enabled
HP-CM-34Empty payee name
HP-CM-35The payee name must be between 3 and 100 characters long
HP-CM-36Empty payee email
HP-CM-37Invalid payee email
HP-CM-38The payee email must be between 5 and 100 characters long
HP-CM-39The Payee is under age
HP-CM-40Invalid Payee document. You cannot update document
HP-CM-41Invalid document type. You cannot update document type
HP-CM-43Invalid bank document
HP-CM-44Empty UID and External Reference
HP-CM-45Payout not found
HP-CM-46Payout not found for this account
HP-CM-47Empty date range
HP-CM-48Invalid date_from
HP-CM-49Invalid date_to
HP-CM-50Date_to must be greater or equal to date_from
HP-CM-51Date range must be between 31 days
HP-CM-52Invalid page
HP-CM-53Invalid status
HP-CM-54Invalid per_page
HP-CM-55Payout status different than OP
HP-CM-56Payout cannot be cancelled after {$cancellation_time} minutes since the request
HP-CM-57Empty ID, Customer ID
HP-CM-58Payee not found
HP-CM-59Empty UID, Transfer Code, Settlement Code and External Reference
HP-CM-60Transfer not found
HP-CM-61Transfer not found for this account
HP-CM-62Transfer status different than OP
HP-CM-63Transfer cannot be cancelled after {$cancellation_time} minutes since the request
HP-CM-64Invalid Transfer source
HP-CM-65Customer parent must not be a child
HP-CM-66Child customer too deep to find root: {$max_child_level} or more levels found"
HP-CM-68Payment method invalid or not found
HP-CM-69Payee document blockedBrazil
HP-CM-70Empty Bank Name on source bank info
HP-CM-71Invalid Payee document. You cannot update document
HP-CM-72Invalid document type. You cannot update document type
HP-CM-73Empty source bank info
HP-CM-74Empty Holder Name on source bank info
HP-CM-75Empty Bank Account on source bank info
HP-CM-76Empty country on source bank info
HP-CM-77Empty zipcodeArgentina
HP-CM-78Invalid payee_uuid
HP-CM-79Invalid external reference
HP-CM-81Empty payee_uuid
HP-CM-82Transaction type is required for the informed country.
HP-CM-83Invalid transaction type.
HP-DF-01Empty request
HP-DF-02Invalid Expression
HP-DF-03Empty integration_key value
HP-DF-04Parameter integration_key is invalid
HP-DF-05Account is not enabled
HP-DF-06Invalid request type
HP-DF-07Invalid json expression: Syntax error ({'json':'example}): Syntax error
HP-DF-08Invalid integration key
HP-GN-01Internal server error
HP-GN-03Unexpected error occurred
HP-LL-01Invalid country and currency for local payout
HP-LL-02Invalid currency code for local payout
HP-TC-01Target not enabled for this country
HP-TC-02Target requested not found
HP-TC-03Send only one payment method, choose between payee.bank_info or target_account
HP-XB-01Invalid currency code for this country
HP-XB-02Zero or negative amounts: (debit_fee, debit_amount, ...)
HP-XB-03This payout exceeds the limit amount per transaction
HP-XB-04Fee not found for this Payout, please contact your BizDev
HP-XB-07The payee document information doesn\'t match with the payee name or birth_dateBrazil
HP-XB-08The payee document is not valid with Brazil Federal RevenueBrazil
HP-XB-16Invalid Shareholders
HP-XB-19The shareholder is under age
HP-XB-20Parameter company contact name should not be null
HP-XB-21Parameter company contact document should not be null
HP-XB-22Invalid shareholder document
HP-XB-23Shareholder document doesn\'t match with its name or birthdayBrazil
HP-XB-24The shareholder document is not valid with Brazil Federal RevenueBrazil
HP-XB-25Invalid shareholder email
HP-XB-26Currency not found for this country
HP-XB-27Invalid shareholder document type
HP-XB-28Shareholder document cannot be equals to payee document
HP-XB-29Shareholder documents cannot be duplicated
HP-XB-30Parameter company contact document type should not be null
BP-HI-0001You already have a transfer with this external_reference
BP-HI-0002Amount must be greater or equal to {$minimum} USD
BP-HI-0003The transfer request limit per day was reached
BP-HI-0004The transfer request limit was reached
BP-HI-0005Invalid transfer source
BP-HI-0006Insufficient payment balance, {$percentage} USD available
BP-HI-0007Insufficient payment balance, {percentage} {currency_code} available
HP-DV-01Document and country unknown
HP-DV-02Empty document
HP-VT-01Invalid json expression
HP-VT-02Empty json payload
HP-VT-03Empty integration_key value
HP-VT-04Invalid integration_key value
HP-VT-05Account is not enabled
HP-VT-06Target requested not found
HP-VT-07Target account is empty
HP-VT-08Invalid country and currency for local payout
HP-VT-09Target not enabled for this country
HP-VT-10Target requested not available for query
HP-VT-11Configurations for Mercado Pago are missing for merchant
HP-VT-12Configurations for Mercado Pago are incomplete
HP-IN-01Creation of payouts to individuals denied
HP-ON-01The order number must be between 6 and 32 characters long
HP-ON-02Invalid order number

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