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Payout General Canceled Errors

About this page

This page contains the codes of errors that may occur when you create a payout.

How it works

When an API call fails, EBANX will return a JSON object containing the error details as the example below:

"message":"Incorrect customer data",
"gateway_details": "20-08A: iDato no encontrado!"

The gateway_details added shows the exact message received from the provider to support any additional analysis required in special cases.

CodeError messageMerchant's action required
TAX_ID_MISMATCHThe bank details don't belong to the CPF/CNPJ informedReview with the receiver the bank information provided as the information must match the tax ID informed.
INCORRECT_CUSTOMER_DATAThe bank account, bank branch and/or pix_key is invalid or non existentOne of the informed data is incorrect, as the provider don't specify which one is wrong, it's necessary to ask the receiver to review all their banking data (EBANX recommends asking the receiver to inform the numbers exactly as shown in their bank APP).
ACCOUNT_BLOCKEDThe bank account informed is currently blocked and unable to receive transfersThe bank account informed cannot receive funds. This block could be temporary, so it's recommended to ask the receiver to review this situation with their bank manager. In case the account is unblock, the merchant can send a new payout.
UNSUPPORTED_TRANSACTIONThis bank account doesn't accept this type of transactionThe bank can choose to reject some transactions to its accounts and their response it's pretty vague. Only the receiver can ask their bank for more details.
ACCOUNT_DOESNT_EXISTSThis bank account is closed and unable to receive transfersAsk the receiver for another bank account information as the one informed is closed. This is usually a final stage for an account, so is necessary to ask for new information and send a new payout.
HIGH_RISKThe payout amount is higher than the accepted by the receiver's bankThe bank can apply restrictions based on amounts for its bank accounts. Only the receiver can ask the bank to review the restriction. One option is for the merchant to divide the payout in several requests.
DECLINEDThe receiver's bank rejected the transactionFor some reason, not disclosured, the bank rejected the transaction. Only the receiver can ask the bank for more information on this matter. Our suggestion is to ask the receiver for another bank account.
TIMEOUTReceiver's bank timeout, please send the transaction againFor some reason, the receiver's bank didn't respond to our request. EBANX retried the transaction through Pix and Bank Tranfer, but the response is still the same: timeout. EBANX suggests the merchant to send the transaction again, without changing the data, as we can't tell if something is wrong with the data informed.
INCORRECT_ACCOUNT_TYPEThe account type informed is incorrectThe merchant should send a new request, but changing the account type (it can only be C or S).
PIX_NOT_ACCEPTEDThe bank informed doesn't support pix transactionsThe bank is not part of the Pix system, therefore, cannot receive pix transactions. The merchant can try a new transaction, using banking details, via bank_account (target). If only pix_key is informed, this is a final stage, as a bank transfer attempt is not possible.
RESPONSE_ERRORUnknown errorA new error, there is no additional information at this moment. For erros unmapped, this is the response shown. EBANX will keep the continuous work to get more details about cancellation, but for now, there is no additional details.
REJECTEDPayout rejected by the receiving methodThere is no additional information at the moment, the transaction was rejected and should be sent again. EBANX is investiganting with the provider if they have more details.
FRAUD_RISKThe pix key informed is considered fraudulent by the Central Bank of Brazil, so it's unable to receive transactions from all participants of Pix System in BR.The pix key was considered fraudulent, so it's blocked by the Central Bank of Brazil. EBANX cannot perform a transaction to this pix key, so the payout was canceled. The reasons behind the fraud status are not available for EBANX and in order to be compliant with the Central Bank, we must refuse transactions to fraudulent pix keys.

The Canceled Errors can be updated in case new errors come up and/or the providers update their responses. EBANX will notify the merchants prior to adding new codes and keep this page updated.

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