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Create a Payee

About this guide

This guide quickly demonstrates how to create a payee in EBANX. We will walk you through the basic steps to achieve this goal using your already existing Direct API integration.

How it works

To create a payee through EBANX Direct API, please follow the steps below. Note that this process is only used in the Payee Analysis Payout Type.

  1. Make sure you have all the mandatory fields in your request

    There are a few key parameters you need to provide to create a payee. Check the table below for more details.

    integration_keyYour unique and secret integration key.
    nameThe payee's name
    emailThe payee's email
    birth_dateThe payee's date of birth
    documentThe payee's document ID number
    document_typeThe payee's document ID type
    bank_nameThe payee's account bank name
    bank_branchThe payee's account bank branch
    bank_accountThe payee's account number
    account_typeThe payee's account type
    bank_detailsThe payee's account bank details
    countryThe payee's country
    stateThe payee's state
    cityThe payee's city
    zipcodeThe payee's zipcode
    addressThe payee's address
    terms_accepted_atDate and time that the payee accepted your terms & conditions.

    For payees with CNPJ, you must provide the shareholders details. This is an array, so, you can specify as many shareholders as necessary. The shareholder object contains the following mandatory fields:

    nameThe shareholder's name
    emailThe shareholder's email
    birthdateThe shareholder's date of birth
    documentThe shareholder's document ID number
    ownership_percentPercentage of the payout belonging to the shareholder.
  2. Send your payee request to EBANX

    To create a new Payout, you will use the /ws/payee/create endpoint.

    The following example is a payee create request to the payee's bank account sending bank data with bank details:

    curl -X POST '' \
    -d 'integration_key=your_test_integration_key' \
    -d 'name=Polenta' \
    -d '' \
    -d 'phone=+554112345678' \
    -d 'document=074.828.369-52' \
    -d 'document_type=cpf' \
    -d 'birth_date=1977-05-25' \
    -d 'bank_name=104 Caixa Econômica' \
    -d 'bank_branch=3708' \
    -d "bank_account=08251777-6" \
    -d 'account_type=C' \
    -d 'bank_details=001' \
    -d 'zipcode=80320070' \
    -d 'state=PR' \
    -d 'city=Curitiba' \
    -d 'address=Fake Street' \
    -d 'street_complement=123' \
    -d 'country=br'
    -d 'terms_accepted_at=2020-04-20 10:20:12'

    And a successful creation will return the numerical id of your newly created payee.

    "id": "216"

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