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Consult Balance

About this guide

This guide quickly demonstrates how to consult your balance available for payouts in EBANX. We will walk you through the basic steps to achieve this goal using your already existing Direct API integration.

How it works

  1. Consult a payout using the /ws/payout/balance end-point

    To consult your available balance, you will use the /ws/payout/balance endpoint.

    Your integration key is the only required parameter.

    curl -X POST '' \
    -d 'integration_key=your_test_integration_key'

    And a successful call will return a JSON Object with type "success" and your available balance.

    "type": "success",
    "balance": 150

Consulting Balance via Dashboard

You can also consult your available balance through your Dashboard in the Overview section of the Payout tab.

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