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Verify Account

About this guide

This guide quickly demonstrates how to verify destination accounts whether it exists or not. We will walk you through the basic steps to achieve this goal using your already existing API integration.

How it works

  1. Verify account using the /ws/payout/verify_account end-point

    To verify account, you will use the /ws/payout/verify_account endpoint.

    The following fields are required:

    integration_keyYour unique and secret integration key.
    targetProvider that will process the payment (mercadopago, pix, etc)
    target_accountDestination account to query
    countryThe two-letter country code for the customer country. In this case, we'll show the method to br(Brazil)

    The following example shows how to verify a destination account:

    curl -X POST '' \
    -d 'integration_key=your_test_integration_key' \
    -d 'target=mercadopago' \
    -d '' \
    -d 'country=br'

    And a successful query will return a JSON Object with status "valid".

    "status": "valid",
    "message": "Account is valid"
    "status": "valid",
    "message": "Account does not have KYC complete in provider"

    And a unsuccessful query will return a JSON Object with status "invalid", with a message explaining the reason.

    "status": "invalid",
    "message": "Account not able to receive transfers in this country"
    "status": "invalid",
    "message": "Account does not exist in provider"

Getting help

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