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Transparent Checkout


Your transparent checkout will only work if you have the following gateway installed: Checkout via EBANX

Transparent checkout is a game-changer for merchants operating in Latin America using Shopify’s platform because it enables them to sell in the way that people in our region most like to do it: feeling safe. Therefore, with a seamless checkout solution you’ll be able to achieve higher payment conversion rates and less checkout abandonment rate. In order to have the transparent checkout working at your store, you must go through the following steps:

  1. Install Checkout via EBANX

    Go to our Sell in LATAM – EBANX Checkout installation page and click on “Add app” and log in your Shopify store to proceed

  2. Set up your Integration Key

    Get your Integration Key, at the Integration section of your EBANX Dashboard, place it at the respective field at Shopify and click over Login.

    If you go back to the app’s interface you’re going to be asked for your key again, but that’s solely to verify the status of your app, if you have ever logged in with your integration key the installation process has already been completed.


    Please note that your transparent checkout might take up to ten minutes to start to work.

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