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About this guide

This guide will guide you through the steps to setup EBANX as a payment gateway on your Magento store.

How it works

  1. Update your merchant settings

    Access the Dashboard, go to Settings and change the following fields, where {YOUR_SITE} is your store URL:

    • Status Change Notification URL: {YOUR_SITE}/ebanx/payment/notify
    • Response URL: {YOUR_SITE}/ebanx/payment/return

  2. Install the extension

    Download the EBANX Magento extension and extract its contents to the root folder of your Magento installation. You may want to move it to your computer and then upload the content to your server.

  3. Flush Magento Cache

    Go to your store administrative area. If you have cache enabled, you will need to flush it at System > Cache Management, by clicking on the button "Flush Magento Cache".

    Now, you will see EBANX settings at System > Configuration > Payment Methods > EBANX.

  4. Additional step if using an old version of EBANX Magento Extension


    This step is only required if you have older versions of the EBANX Magento Extension already installed.

    After installation, access again "System" > "Configuration" > "Advanced" > "Advanced". Search for "EBANX Standard", "EBANX EBANX" and "EBANX Express" that correspond to the old version and select "Disable".


    After the update, it's essential to let only "EBANX Gateway" activated, like this image below:

  5. Update the extension settings

    Enable the EBANX payment extension and add the integration key the EBANX integration team gave you. You will need to use different keys in test and production modes.

    Here's a summary of the items available for configuration

    ModeSandbox or live.
    Sandbox Integration KeyUnique test mode key, keep it safe and do not expose this information.
    Sandbox Public Integration KeyGeneral test mode key. You can do a token operation using this, key instead of the integration key when the request is from the client of your customer (browser, app, etc.). By doing this you do not have to deal directly with the credit card information of your customer.
    Live Integration KeyOnce you have completed the process of integration with EBANX, you will receive a unique live mode key which will allow you to operate with our services; it is essential to keep all the information safe and not exposed.
    Live Public Integration Key General live mode key. Just like the Sandbox Public Integration Key, you can do a token operation using this key instead of the integration key when the request is from the client of your customer (browser, app, etc.). By doing this, you do not have to deal directly with the credit card information of your customer.
    Enable Debug LogRecord all errors that occur when executing a transaction.
    Checkout ForCPF -- individuals/CNPJ -- companies -- to process with the EBANX Plugin in Brazil there a few mandatory fields such as CPF identification for individuals and CNPJ for companies.
    Payment MethodsSelect payment methods for each country.
    Payment Methods VisualisationShow payment methods logo for better conversion at your checkout.
    Enable instalmentsEnable or disable instalments. Your merchant account must be allowed to process credit card payments with instalments.
    Maximum n° of InstalmentsThe number of instalments that are enabled.
    Minimum Instalment (USD)Minimum Instalment value
    Interest rates Enables/disables interest rates to customer
    Interest Add and configure different interest rates for each number of instalments.
    Days to ExpirationThe due date for printable slips (boleto/boletas, etc.). You must ask EBANX to change this limit for your account.
    Paid Payment StatusThe paid order status. The standard option is "Processing".
    Pending Payment StatusThe new order status. The standard option is "On Hold".
    Requested Payment StatusThe new order status. The standard option is "Pending".
    Cancelled Payment StatusThe cancelled order status. The standard option is "Canceled".
    Mandatory FieldsProcessing with EBANX requires a few mandatory fields that need to be included in your checkout when processing to Brazil and Chile, such as CPF, CNPJ, DNI, and RUT. You can choose to: replace your TAX/VAT fields and name it as these mandataries field or add your own field.

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