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Sub Accounts

About this guide

This page explains how to use sub accounts on your payments. This feature is useful for when you have multiple websites processing payments under the same account in EBANX.

What you will need

Before starting your integration, please make sure that you have:

  1. An EBANX Sandbox account. That's not the case? Please sign up for an Sandbox Account here;
  2. Sub Accounts enabled. Contact the EBANX Integration Team at to enable it.

How it works

  1. Provide the Sub Account Information

    When using sub accounts, you need to provide a few extra fields:

    payment.sub_accountAn object containing the sub account’s name. Required for payments where the sub-account feature is being used.
    payment.sub_account.nameName of the sub-account that will be showed in the cash payment and e-mails.
    payment.sub_account.image_urlURL of the logo of the sub-account. PS: It MUST be an HTTPS URL. Otherwise, you will receive an error message.
  2. Send the payment request with the sub account

    This feature is available in both Direct API and Payment Page.

    Request using Direct API

    curl -X POST '' \
    -d 'request_body={
    "integration_key": "your_test_integration_key",
    "operation": "request",
    "payment": {
    "name": "José Silva",
    "email": "",
    "document": "853.513.468-93",
    "address": "Rua E",
    "street_number": "1040",
    "city": "Maracanaú",
    "state": "CE",
    "zipcode": "61919-230",
    "country": "br",
    "phone_number": "8522847035",
    "payment_type_code": "boleto",
    "merchant_payment_code": "17c0c4ef790",
    "currency_code": "BRL",
    "amount_total": 100,
    "sub_account": {
    "name":"Loja de Teste",

    Request using Payment Page

    curl -X POST '' \
    -d 'integration_key=your_test_integration_key' \
    -d 'name=José Silva' \
    -d '' \
    -d 'country=br' \
    -d 'payment_type_code=boleto' \
    -d 'merchant_payment_code=d59cb7166e7' \
    -d 'currency_code=BRL' \
    -d 'amount=100'\
    -d 'sub_acc_name=Merchant+Test+Name'\
    -d 'sub_acc_image_url='

Getting help

We hope this article was enlightening, but in case we’ve failed to take out your doubts you have the following options to keep on seeking for answers:

  • If you’re not our partner yet and would like to know more about our prices and conditions please fill our this form and our commercial team will get in touch with you.
  • In case you’re already our partner please get in touch with our support team at
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